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Trees are the backbone that can help your property get a good first impression. On a regular day, trees that are strategically planted on your lawns can showcase the beauty and grandeur of your home. However, good times are not always a guaranteed occurrence, and your trees can become damaged or diseased. When this happens, a tree can become a liability instead of an asset, as it can put your family and even others in the community at risk. Furthermore, it can also pose a danger not only to your property but even to the property of others. In connection with this, our tree specialists at Dartmouth Tree Services are essential to ensuring the good health of your trees. Dartmouth Tree Services was founded with the aim of providing the local community of Dartmouth, MA and its surrounding areas with professional tree services that you can trust. We have years of experience, the right equipment and tools, and highly qualified and skilled staff to help you with any tree problem you may have. From tree removal to flower bed gardening and planting, we perform any tree service Dartmouth MA that you require. Hence, do not think twice about reaching out to us.

As a tree organization that strives to become your number one option for excellent tree services, we handle a complete and wide range of tree services. Are you having problems with a tree that is hanging dangerously close to your property? We can remove the tree for you. On the other hand, if you are wondering what to do with those unsightly, huge stumps that are blocking everyone’s way to your backyard, we can help you with that, too! We offer comprehensive tree services that are right up your alley.

Why Choose Our Tree Specialists?

As your premier option for excellent tree services, Dartmouth Tree Services already has everything that you are looking for in a tree company of your choice. But if you still need a little more convincing about why you should choose Dartmouth Tree Services, here are the reasons:

We offer free no-obligation estimates.

Dartmouth Tree Services is a complete tree care company that is located in Dartmouth, MA and that offers free, no-obligation quotes. Proudly serving the community and the areas surrounding it, we are not your average tree company, as we only want to make sure that you receive tree care services that are of the utmost quality. Hence, if you desire to know more about our services, simply reach out to us so we can provide you with free estimates of the services that you require. 

We offer upfront pricing, no hidden fees!

Surprising clients with additional, hidden fees is simply not how Dartmouth Tree Services operates. Our commitment to upfront pricing means that you will never be stunned by the price of our services at the end of every job. We put your needs first, and we provide you with the true cost of the services that we offer right at the outset. When you choose our tree company, you can expect to always be in the know about the exact cost of your services and the exact length of time it will take for us to finish your project. This way, you can be sure that we will not cut corners just to get the job done, and that we will not gouge you for services that you have no need of.

We have highly-skilled and qualified tree specialists.

At Dartmouth Tree Services, we employ only highly skilled and competent staff members who will attend to your tree care needs efficiently and effectively while embodying the height of professionalism and service. We pride ourselves on our dedication to excellence, and you can trust that our team of tree care and tree maintenance specialists truly care about you and the health and beauty of your trees.

We have the necessary equipment and tools, and our tree specialists knows how to use them properly.

With the wide array of tree climbing and tree cutting equipment that are available on the market nowadays, just about anyone can cut, climb, prune, or trim a tree. However, this does not necessarily make them an expert right away. Since providing tree care can be a potentially dangerous endeavor, it is vital for you to not only have the equipment necessary to get the job done but also to have the experience and expertise required to be able to manually operate these equipment and tools in the safest manner possible. This especially cannot be overemphasized enough given that most tree care services typically make use of pruning shears, handsaws, friction brakes, rigging plates, winches, power pullers, pole saws, tree loppers, saw scabbards, hydraulic tools, and chainsaws, among other tools.

We are professional, courteous, and always on-time.

From the simplest tree maintenance project to the most complicated tree care project, Dartmouth Tree Services handles it all with courtesy and an utmost sense of professionalism. Service is what we have in mind, and this means that you can always trust us to go the extra mile, as we provide you with exceptional customer service and ensure that we deliver only excellent customer experiences.

We are licensed, insured, and certified.

A licensed, insured, and certified tree company should be the only tree care or tree maintenance service that you permit to work on your properties. After all, having the proper credentials shows that the tree professionals you entrust your trees and property with, have been truly trained and educated about the proper measures that need to be done in order to perform the tree service in an efficient and effective manner.

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That said, you cannot go wrong with our competent team at Dartmouth Tree Services. We are a licensed, certified, and insured organization that provides top-notch tree services you can rely on. Hence, in the event that anything untoward happens during the duration of your tree service, you can set your mind at ease that we won’t run away from any liability that may arise. Look no further! Contact us now at 508-452-2340 to hire the best tree specialist in Dartmouth!