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With years of experience under our belt, you can trust Dartmouth Tree Services to provide you with supreme local tree services every time, from the start to the end of your tree project. We are driven to provide our clients with quality care at competent prices, as we strive to make it a point that our customers are satisfied with the services that we offer at each and every opportunity.

Here is a list of the tree care services that our qualified tree care experts deliver:

Our Local Tree Services Include Tree Removal

Our certified and competent arborists at Dartmouth Tree Services have a passion for anything and everything tree-related—but that does not mean that we are blind to the signs when these signs ought to be recognized. On the contrary, our love for trees makes it even more possible for us to recognize when a certain tree is beyond help. When such a case happens, and a tree becomes too ill or too injured to heal, you will need tree removal services—and quickly. Diseased or damaged trees oftentimes become a dangerous liability with their inability to support themselves.

This is where our tree removal services at Dartmouth Tree Services come in. We have experienced tree care specialists who can assist you in getting your trees removed safely from your properties. So, if you’re looking for reliable and trustworthy tree removal, we may be your best solution.

Emergency Tree Removal

Nothing could possibly be worse than experiencing unexpected hassles that can change the plans you have set. For instance, a great majority of homeowners do not think about the health and status of their trees, not until a storm uproots one of the trees on their property or a tree crashes through their roof. When this happens, you may require an emergency tree removal service that can help you resolve your tree problems fast.

On this matter, Dartmouth Tree Services can assist you. We have seen a lot of situations where trees destroy properties, crash through homes, or block major thoroughfares, and we have been there to handle the issue efficiently. Hence, you need not be concerned when you hire the professional services of our competent team at Dartmouth Tree Services since you can rest assured that we can help you tackle emergency situations like these effectively.

Stump Grinding

Sometimes, mature trees just have to be cut down in order to prevent them from falling. However, there are also instances when cutting them down means leaving behind large stumps that are not only unsightly but also serve as a tripping hazard. Sometimes, they can even cause dangerous fungal root rot, which can lead to the death of your trees. Because of this, hiring stump grinding services from competent professionals may become necessary. Our experienced team at Dartmouth Tree Services, for instance, can help you remove large and ugly stumps for good by using the right stump grinding equipment and without putting you and your loved ones in danger.

Our Local Tree Services Include Tree Trimming

Trees are an essential part of life and offer a lot of benefits to the environment as well as the community. Because of the vital role that they play, it is important that property owners take the proper steps to ensure that their trees remain in good health. One of the ways to do this is through tree trimming.

Tree trimming is a delicate but complex process that involves removing stagnant, diseased, damaged, or structurally unsound parts of a tree that are inhibiting its growth, functionality, or appearance in some way or another. Consequently, it is crucial to have both previous experience and knowledge before one tries to trim. Otherwise, you may end up not only causing injuries to yourself or others but also destroying properties.

Shrub And Hedge Trimming

If you are a property owner, it is highly likely that you have had your properties designed and surrounded by hedges and shrubs to serve as a natural fence that guarantees the privacy of the inhabitants of the properties. But did you know that you also have to consistently trim your hedges? While hedges and shrubs do have many advantages in terms of security, hedges also add natural beauty to your property, and they need proper upkeep and maintenance so as to warrant healthy growth.

At Dartmouth Tree Services, we understand that your homes and commercial properties are a huge investment. In this connection, we provide highly trained and artistic staff who can help you create amazing results with the hedges and shrubs on your homes and commercial buildings. Trimming takes hours of dedicated, professional, and creative work, so save yourself the hassle and make the call to our qualified tree care professionals at Dartmouth Tree Services who can assist you with tree trimming.

Flower Beds And Planting

As any gardening or landscaping enthusiast will attest, beautiful softscapes can add beauty and value to your residential and commercial properties. However, planting and maintaining a flower bed is neither as easy as it looks nor as easy as it sounds. On the contrary, gardening and landscaping take time, as it involves a series of meticulous processes that are aimed all in all to make your dreams of a beautiful-looking property come true.

As a tree company that aims only to provide customers with exceptional tree service Dartmouth, Dartmouth Tree Services offers only the best local tree services to our customers in Dartmouth and the communities in surrounding areas. This means that we provide tree services that are designed to address your tree care problems, including flower bed and planting services.

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