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shrub and hedge trimming dartmouth ma

shrub and hedge trimming service Dartmouth, MA

Do you have hedges or shrubs that are growing out of your control? If you answered yes to the question above, then it may be time to consider hiring a shrub and hedge trimming service from a professional tree company like Dartmouth Tree Services.

Regularly trimming your shrubs and hedges can mean the difference if you want to maintain a tidy and aesthetic-looking landscape on your properties. Not only that, but trimming can also mean optimize the health of your hedges and shrubs since trimming can help them to grow much better in areas where they are not as thick and full as you might wish. Shrub trimming can also aid in better fruit and flower production, in removing old growth that may become an issue, and in decreasing some disease issues.

Nevertheless, you must bear in mind that keeping your hedges and shrubs contained through hedge trimming services is not as simple as it sounds. Different plants have different tree care requirements and tree maintenance requirements. Furthermore, more than just cutting them back, hiring a professional tree company to trim your shrubs and hedges for you means that they have to decide which parts of the shrub or hedge have to be trimmed in order to improve its overall shape and size. In some cases, a few branches have to be trimmed to a certain point and at certain angles, while other cases might require removing a whole part at the base of the shrub or hedge.

Because hedge trimming requires knowledge and expertise, it is essential that you hire competent and highly skilled professionals to do the job to perfection. At Dartmouth Tree Services, for instance, we understand that our clients’ properties are huge investments, so we aim to provide exceptional tree service in Dartmouth Massachusetts to help our customers in Dartmouth, MA and the surrounding areas accomplish their visions for their respective properties. You can rely on our professional staff to help you increase the resale value of your properties when you have to sell them, as well as make it possible for your shrubs and hedges to live a longer life. Our services have made us the primary go-to for shrub and hedge trimming services in the communities we serve, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as you encounter any problems or have any concerns about your trees, shrubs, and hedges.

Why Do You Need To Get Your Hedges And Shrubs Trimmed?

Just like any other tree services that you might have a need for, there are also a multitude of benefits that property owners can get from having their shrubs and hedges trimmed on a regular basis. We have provided below a list of what these benefits are:

  • Regularly trimming your shrubs and hedges means that you have a say on how big you want them to grow. This is made possible even as your trees grow according to the shape that you want them to take.
  • Regularly trimming your hedges and shrubs reduces their vulnerability to diseases, infestations, and property damage. With regular trimming, you will not have to worry anymore about parts of the shrub or hedge being infested or getting ill as a result of tree diseases since trimming removes dying, dead, or diseased branches.
  • Regularly trimming your hedges and shrubs promotes thicker and fuller growth. This is true considering that trimming allows more sunlight and air to flow through the shrubs and hedges on your property.
  • Regularly trimming your hedges and shrubs improves your property’s appearance. The process of trimming involves removing decaying, dead, or dying branches of the shrub or hedges. Hence, it is also a great way of ensuring that your shrubs and hedges are structurally sound.

What Are The Signs That You Need Shrub And Hedge Trimming Service?

As an organization that strives to deliver only excellent tree services to our clients, we have listed down a number of signs that may indicate that you need to get your shrubs and hedges trimmed:

  1. Your shrubs and hedges are showing signs of disease or decay.
  2. They are showing indications of pest infestation.
  3. They are growing to a size you can no longer control.
  4. Their appearance is starting to make your yard look less tidy.

When Should You Have Shrub And Hedge Trimming Service?

When to hire shrub trimming services in Dartmouth, MA is a common question that we at Dartmouth Tree Services oftentimes get asked about. Unfortunately, there is no one uniform answer. The best time to have your shrubs trimmed depends on the type of shrubs or hedges you have. For instance, flowering shrubs whose flowers bloom in early spring are best trimmed right after their flowers bloom. On the other hand, flowering shrubs whose flowers bloom during summer should be trimmed in winter or early spring. Meanwhile, for non-flowering plants, it may be best to trim them only after new growth has completely formed.

Nonetheless, if your lawns have been completely overgrown and are now out of control, then you may hire hedge trimming services right away to address the problem. Of course, you may also still do light trimming throughout the year.

What Are The Questions To Ask To Your Shrub and Hedge Trimming Service Provider?

If you have plans in mind of hiring a hedge trimming service or a shrub trimming service, you may have some questions that you would like to know the answers to. Unfortunately, not all professional tree companies always know their stuff when it comes to the complexities involved in trimming hedges and shrubs. In spite of that, here are a few basic questions that we suggest you may ask your potential tree company:

  1. Do you take into account what time of the year it is before you decide to deliver hedge trimming services and shrub trimming services?
  2. Are your trimming schedules consistent, or do you alter your trimming schedules based on when my shrubs and hedges need to be trimmed?
  3. What are the usual types of shrubs and hedges that you trim?

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