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tree trimming service dartmouth ma

tree trimming service Dartmouth, MA

Do your shrubs look overgrown or are they growing in a strange shape? Tree trimming service is a tree service offered by Dartmouth Tree Services that involves selectively removing a tree’s branches or stems as a way of maintaining a tree’s desired shape. Trimming a tree is important not only because it can increase the value and curb appeal of your lawns, but also because overgrown branches can be hazardous and result in injuries to your loved ones, as well as damage to your properties.

At Dartmouth Tree Services, we consider tree trimming as an art and science. With our highly qualified and competent team of arborists and tree care experts, you can expert to work with a tree organization that is confident in its knowledge and skills of providing you with expert tree services such as tree trimming. We are aware of and understand the dangers of performing tree services carelessly, so we deliver our services properly and competently. We serve the entire area of Dartmouth, MA, as well as its surrounding communities, so do not hesitate to contact us right away.

What Is Tree Trimming?

The process of tree trimming is primarily focused on removing dying, diseased, or dead branches in order to promote the healthy growth of the entire tree. Like any other living organism, a tree that continues to grow without limitations will grow asymmetrically, so it may potentially lead to safety issues. Hence, by opening up the canopy of the tree, you essentially let air and light filter throughout the entire tree, which allows for an increased foliage while simultaneously reducing the risk of disease. Furthermore, water sprouts and suckers may steal nutrients from the tree and weaken wood. So, by helping your tree establish a dominant leader and main structure, you are thereby creating a strong tree that is ultimately capable of withstanding high winds and extreme weather conditions.

A tree is usually trimmed for various reasons, but the common goal of property owners is to have a better-looking and better-performing tree. While trees may grow naturally even without being trimmed, trimming enables your trees to achieve their full potential and live longer. It also controls the size and shape of your trees, as well as encourages your trees to bear fruits and to grow flowers.

How Do You Know When You Need A Tree Trimming Service?

We have provided a list below of signs that would indicate that you need tree trimming service from competent and qualified professionals:

  • Your tree is growing beyond your control. If your tree has overgrown branches, is growing entirely too large, is invading spaces where they can cause aesthetic concerns or safety issues, or is getting tangled around safety structures, it may be time to call for help from professional tree experts like Dartmouth Tree Services. Improper trimming can be detrimental to the health and longevity of a tree, so it is vital that you leave the job only to trained tree care specialists.
  • Your tree is showing signs of decay and disease. When a tree is not trimmed, dead branches may begin to decay. This can invite disease, parasites, and even rodents. With tree trimming, you can, therefore, prevent the possible decay of the tree.
  • Your tree has been damaged from a recent storm or other natural calamity. High winds and extreme weather conditions can usually cause damage to trees and break off large, hanging limbs or even uproot the tree. To prevent this, it is best to have tree care and tree maintenance professionals trim your trees beforehand.
  • Your tree has excessive greenery. Excessive greenery is oftentimes an indication of a tree being so thick that it is no longer receiving a sufficient amount of nutrients nor is it allowing wind to pass through. As time passes by, the weight or branch density of the tree may cause it to fall or become uprooted.

How Often Should Your Tree Be Trimmed?

The number of times that you have trim your trees primarily depends on the appearance of the tree as well as your personal preference. When a tree looks too large or awkward, it is likely that they may need a trim. For most property owners, tree trimming is usually done only once or twice in a year, although tree experts recommend doing tree trimming at regular intervals to improve the overall health of the tree at a more rapid pace.

It is important to note, however, that how often your tree needs to be trimmed will depend on what type of tree you have, how old it is, and where it is located. Every tree issue or tree situation is unique, so it is crucial to put together a customized trimming schedule in order to match your lawn needs. There are plenty of mature trees that need tree trimming every three to five years while there are also younger trees that need a tree trimming service every after two to three years. There are also certain kinds of trees that need to be trimmed annually in order to maximize its fruit yield.

How Much Does Tree Trimming Service Cost?

A lot of factors have to be considered in determining the cost of tree trimming services. For instance, at Dartmouth Tree Services, we take certain factors into consideration, such as whether or not the tree that has to be trimmed is infected, what type of tree it is, where it is located, and how huge the tree in question is.

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