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Has a tree fallen on your property and caused damage to your property or caused injury to another? Trees bring beauty and so many other benefits to any landscape that a number of property owners can find it difficult to part with the trees on their own properties. However, like all other living organisms, trees also have their own natural lifespans. By the time they eventually reach the end of their life cycle, a lot of issues concerning these trees may have already arisen. Issues like causing injuries to unsuspecting passersby, damage to property, structural unsoundness, damage resulting from extreme weather conditions, and pest infestations may equate to safety issues that can endanger the lives of the community. To avoid this hazardous scenario, getting your tree removed by certified tree experts who can provide you with dependable tree removal service is oftentimes your best option. At Dartmouth Tree Services, for instance, our team of professionals is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to aid you with your tree care needs.

How Does Our Tree Removal Service Process Work?

Whether your trees fell as a result of extreme weather conditions, disease, a freak accident, or poor maintenance, our personnel at Dartmouth Tree Services makes it a point to respond to your tree problems right away. After getting in touch with us, we will assess the situation immediately to see how we can best remove the tree in question even while we preserve the aesthetic beauty of your landscapes. We will also strive to find a solution to do so while avoiding any potential liability or damage to nearby properties or anyone else in the neighborhood.

The next step of our tree removal process involves setting up a perimeter and trimming the trees that are causing you problems. This step is vital because it allows us to remove difficult branches that may hinder or interfere with our tree care experts when they finally begin the tree removal process. Tree removals, especially removals that involve large trees, typically require careful dismantling in order to get them safely and efficiently removed. Hence, having state-of-the-art machinery to cut away at the trunk of the tree and eliminate height is also vital.

We also make use of the proper tree removal techniques to guarantee the safety of nearby properties as well as the safety of others in your neighborhood. Once we have removed a significant portion of the trees in question, our staff will then chip away at the remaining wood so as to remove any tree portions that are still left behind.

Once the trees have been removed, we will be responsible for hauling away any and all debris and clear and clean up the area. This way, you will be left with nothing but a blank canvas for fresh landscape ideas.

Regardless of the size of your tree care project, our highly skilled team at Dartmouth Tree Services makes sure that your project receives only our fullest attention. So, whether you are thinking of getting a handful of trees removed or just one of the trees on your property removed, you can set your mind at ease since we only endeavor to deliver exceptional tree service Dartmouth Massachusetts.

When Do You Usually Require Tree Removal Service?

It is only natural for some owners in Dartmouth, MA and nearby areas to want to hold on to their properties, such as their beloved trees, if they hold sentimental value. However, while your trees may seem healthy and in good condition to the untrained eye, it is possible that they are actually a disaster waiting to happen.

Because disasters can make you become liable for damages or injuries that you may not be prepared for, you need to be vigilant and to know the signs beforehand. In relation to this, we have provided a list of some of the red flags that you have to look for that could indicate your need for tree removal:

  • Your tree is showing signs of infection or pest infestation. Signs of infection in your trees include deep splits in the tree’s bark or cracks, misshapen or discolored leaves, crown dieback, and the presence of fungi. On the other hand, your tree may be infested with pests if woodpeckers are feeding heavily on them, if they have emergence holes, or if they have feeding galleries.
  • Your tree is not growing well. Take a closer look at your tree. Does it look better than the surrounding trees? Or does it look worse? Having discolored foliage, a thin leaf cover, and stunted growth all symbolize signs of trouble.
  • The trunk of your tree is compromised. Splits, cracks, dead branch stubs, and large wounds on the trunk of your tree may indicate internal decay. Although your tree may remain standing for a while, time will come that it will eventually fall.
  • There are signs of root defects. Root defects are not usually easily seen. However, if there is heaving soil or if fungi is growing near the base of your tree, it may be a sign of your tree having root issues. They may be developing destructive roots that have the potential to harm the tree’s structure as well as your property.
  • Your tree is under or close to power lines. This situation usually means that your tree can become a hazard that may endanger others in the community.
  • Your tree is starting to lean or bend. Trees that are suddenly leaning can become a cause of concern since they can be signs of structural issues.
  • Your tree has a hollow trunk. Hollow trunks generally mean that your tree has become compromised and is hazardous.
  • You are seeing sprouts at the base of your tree. Known as epicormic shoots, these sprouts can be an indicator of the severe stress levels of your tree. It is recommended that you have a professional evaluate your tree in this case.
  • Your tree is too close to another structure. A tree whose branches hang over the roof or a tree that is too close to another property may need to be removed, if not regularly pruned. If you have a large tree, it ought to be at least 20 feet away from another structure or building.

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